Our Mission

There are more than 153 million kids all over the world that are orphans and 69 million suffer from malnutrition. On top of that, 263 million don’t have access to schools. We need to rectify this the best way we can, and that’s where the Searchita concept comes into play. Searchita is a website where you get paid to search for anything you want. The only difference here is that all the money you get paid will automatically become a donation. It’s important for us to help kids in need and feed orphans all over the world. We work closely with advertisers so you can get the best ads, and once the advertisers pay us we will start donating to various charities so they can feed people that are in dire need of food at this time. Since Searchita is a search engine for humanitarian work, we really want to make a difference and we know that everyone can contribute even a tiny bit. The best thing about Searchita is that you don’t have to do anything. Everything happens naturally and the best part is that you will enjoy the experience and just immerse yourself in it at the highest possible level. We just focus on transparency and integrity, all while offering comprehensive results for all your searches. This is a selfless service, one created with the idea of helping people express themselves in a meaningful manner. We have a list with all the money we acquired and donated. We believe in transparency and that’s why all our financial information is public and readily available. Our primary concern is to feed orphans and save lives, all while offering our visitors a way to access the best results for their inquiry. Thankfully, helping the ones in need has never been easier. If you believe in the idea of helping kids and keeping them safe, give Searchita a try today. This is the ultimate search engine that can actually make a difference in someone’s lives. We believe that it’s important to help kids and provide them with as much help as possible!